Saturday, March 22, 2014

Virgins in Texas.

So we pulled into Millers Smokehouse in Belton Texas for our virgin ribs, brisket, and sausage experience on the BBQ Tour.  We knew we had another stop later, but were overwhelmed with the need to eat!

We got the last rack of ribs of the day, thanks to Dustin Miller sneaking back behind his Dad Dirk to save the last rack as we arrived.

A rack turned out to be about 4 pounds of meat!  The largest meatiest pork ribs we have ever seen!  Bones the size of a small child's forearm.  Meaty, moist and kissed PERFECTLY with smoke.  A mellow nice rub,served dry no sauce as they should and they were FANTASTIC.

The jalepeno smoked sausage was next.  Again perfect!  Smooth grind, nice kick, not spicy, and very savory and smokey.  A solid win.

The brisket, albeit our first to try on the Tour...was a little disappointing.  Was moist enough, not dry...flavorful, but not really smokey.  Admittedly, we all like a little more "bark" on our brisket, and this was lacking.  Some of the flavor was missing, and the smoke was hard to detect.

With two home runs on ribs and sausage, we still left pleased and would highly recommend a visit!  The family was fun, friendly, generous, and great hosts.  The vibe and atmosphere of live music was welcome, and a sampling of a local Waco phenom Balcones Brimstone Whiskey made for a perfect virgin visit.

We left with tshirts and a lot lighter in the wallet!?  Not at all disappointed.

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  1. Thanks for the review Tim, sounds like a great trip and one I can only ride along with you on your blog. Keep the updates coming, I can't wait for spring to get the smokers going!!

    Jim Andersomn