Sunday, March 23, 2014

Full bellies with Lockhart yet to go...bad idea

Lockhart TX has a reputation as a destination Texas Hill Country barbecue spot and rightfully so.  Even a Minnesota foodie like myself has run across the name of Kreuz market now and again.  Coupled with Smitty's and Black's, Lockhart was a must see town on the tour.

See....being the operative word.  We chose Black's to hit first based on reading, reputation, and ambiance.  We went back to brisket and sausage, and saw the bar get moved up just a bit yet again.  Comparing one of these top 10 Texas BBQ spots is really hard!  And certainly there are a lot of factors. But the perfect black bark...the perfect pink smoke ring, and the perfect moist tender savory brisket inside was just eye popping lay beautiful, and incredible to savor.

We were feeling a little weird clicking pics of all this meat wherever we go...but this was a photo op we had to share.  THIS is the appearance we were looking for...being professionals or's what we expected coming to Texas, and we found it.  Incredible sauce, no mess, just mouth watering beef bewilderment!

The sausage on the other hand while flavorful, smokey and delicious....had a distinct level of fat or grease that was too hard on the palate.  We all three felt although it tasted good, after a few bites the mouth sort of rejected it as too rich, greasy, or fatty.

Sitting in the side yard at a picnic table though, sharing a great in house beer selection and a Texas Spring day, and another awesome smoked brisket at a historic smokehouse was all pure joy.

This was the days 3rd stop for meat, and we were feeling taxed!  We had to see the historic open fire brick pits at the classic Smitty Smokehouse, but between the long lines, and our full bellies we deferred both Smittys and Kreuz to another return trip some day.  No disrespect or diminishing expectations of course...but time and physical abilities were limited! :)  but see the bottom photos of the cool historic look, smell, and feel of Smitty's.


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