Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Summary Comments on the Texas BBQ tour!

Hopefully you've read through the posts and followed along.  A few final thoughts on a fantastic trip!  First...a thank you again to a few helpful and friendly members of the Texas BBQ Posse for earlier research, advice and tips on scheduling, and a general overview of the best of the best.

We learned that personally we have a way to go on perfecting our own brisket!  We also learned that we feel we could stand in line and compete with this collection of rib smokers.  And we learned that we need to start making and smoking sausage!!  It was all fantastic.

Comparing some of these places head to head is hard.  Maybe even pointless.  We know there can be any given day, any given piece of meat, and a few extenuating circumstances.  But once we polled each other on favorites, we did seem to find a little common ground.  So here goes....

Favorite Brisket
   Mike - Black's in Lockhart
   Matt - Snow's in Lexington
   Tim  - couldn't between Blacks and La Barbecue in Austin

Favorite Ribs
    Not to cop out on this one...but frankly all were excellent.  In our opinion the ribs at this level
     Are "expected" to be fantastic, and there was not a place on the list that disappointed us!

Favorite Sausage
    Was unanimous at Snow's in Lexington!  Not necessarily that it was head and shoulders better,
     So much as we all liked the unique coarser grind and nice spice blend.  Almost everyone had
     Super sausage and it's a signature style thing not really meant to compete head to head.

So thank you Texas, for an awesome welcome,mand awesome BBQ Tour!

The Minnesota Golden Gopher BBQ Posse!


  1. Tim ... We enjoyed your tour of Texas BBQ. Check this article. You aren't the only ones crazy enough to wait in line for hours to eat at a dumpy little BBQ place.

  2. Sounds like a fun time... although, my belly feels full just thinking about all that meat :O Thanks for sharing.