Sunday, March 23, 2014

More of the top shelf circuit! Louie Muellers and Blacks BBQ

Saying goodbye to Tootsie at Snows, she and Kerry both suggested the monster Texas beef ribs at Louie Muellers in Taylor TX.  So advice taken...and well advised!

The sleepy town of Taylor houses a great old classic smokehouse and some true artisan pit tending.  No pit thermometers here...just know when the meat is ready!  We decided to skip another brisket, although it looked awesome....and try the huge beef ribs.  They are not offered everywhere and we were eager for one.  One.  We split a mid sized rib which weighed in almost at a pound and a quarter...throw in some smoked chipotle sausage and we had another pile of beast to face down. Judiciously trying to get better at pacing ourselves through the day, and managing stomach real estate.

The beef rib was incredible.  A huge tough often fatty piece of beef to master, but this came off like a perfectly bark crusted, pink smoke ringed, moist and tender brisket on a bone!  Meaty, moist, smokey, barked, and simply mouth watering without question.

The sausage was another sample of really good savory and mildly spicy grind.  Either we aren't schooled enough to come up with much bad to say about these sausage makers, or they all know what the hell they are doing.  We are convinced it's the latter.  All in all a great addition to the original plan, and easy to add on to a trip to Snows.


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