Sunday, March 23, 2014

Early morning BBQ at Snows in Lexington, Tx

We heard unanimously in our research, that you can't take a Texas BBQ tour and not get to Snows BBQ in Lexington.  An hour outside Austin is a true gem.

Snows is ONLY open Saturdays, opens at 10 am, and the brisket could be gone by noon or 1pm on a weekend!  People leave Austin, and elsewhere at 7am and get in line for hours sometimes just to ensure they get some of the best brisket Texas has to offer.  So we did too!!

And we were not at all disappointed.  It immediately became Matts favorite.  A simple, friendly, open air pit place.  Pit masters Tootsie and Kerry welcomed anyone with open arms, and were generous in telling secrets, showing the pits, and talking smart smoke.  We loved them!

The brisket was perfectly tender.  An awesome pink smoke ring and that Texas post oak smoke flavor from a real fire.  It was truly wonderful.  Mike and I are a dark bark loving team, and their style is not focused on a crusty bark.  Matt is still talking about Snows brisket.

The sausage became a quick favorite as well.  Everything about it was excellent!  A coarse grind, savory spicing, an edible perfectly crispy not chewy casing.  The grind and no greasy feel and taste made it a top shelf choice!  Overall, the vibe, the hosts, and the meat make the trip essential for any BBQ purists.

(Btw....we sort of focused on sausage and brisket, rather than ribs as they are the more difficult of the two to perfect and offer personal styles and variation.  Sometimes we had the ribs too, because they are all awesome....but ocassionaly we saved the stomach real estate)


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